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Hillai and Nitsan - Allusions


Allusions was recorded in the winter of 2020 and is the debut album of Hillai Govreen and Nitsan Kolko. Far from home and stranded in New York City when Covid struck, Hillai and Nitsan began to form their musical connection. They found refuge in literature, music, cinema, cooking and visual art. Once they were able to return home to Israel, they were inspired to compose a suite together. They gathered a few tales that interested them or made them laugh. Allusions is the culmination of these musical and literary influences. 

Hillai and Nitsan’s unique piano-clarinet instrumentation creates a sense of intimacy and is the foundation for unconfined musical explorations.  Their duet paints vivid soundscapes and combines spontaneous improvisation with large-scale compositional thought. Their fluid sound is introspective and thoughtful and evokes nostalgia and longing for far-away scenes. Together, they weave flowing melodies and memorable motifs into a rich musical tapestry.


01. The Fastest Camel in the East

02. Mankurt

03. 25 Hours

04. The Cave

05. Sycamore Trees

06. Long Ago and Far Away

07. Past Pretenses

08. Memories of a Sea

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"The musicians turn their feelings into a vehicle for an incredible amount of spontaneous beauty: you can hear from everything that they master their instruments to perfection"

Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime


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